How can I access my Reward Points? Reward Points

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All users get rewarded with points for signing, verifying and referring to your friends. Points can be used to redeem for services, products or gift vouchers. Find out how many points you have.

To view your Reward Points, select Reward Points from the Menu.

Here, you can view the amount of Reward Points you have on your account as well as your transaction history. You can also perform the following actions on this page:

  • Redeem for rewards and services
  • Transfer reward points to other users
  • Link your external hardware wallet to your account

Your reward points are displayed under System Balance, there are two labels, Available and Pending. Points under Available are immediately available for use while points under Pending require a bit more time to be processed.

Transaction History

Scroll down to the bottom of the reward points page, you will find the section on transaction history. The transaction history displays the time, amount of points and status of each transaction.

If you want to see more of your transaction history, click View All and you will be brought to this page.

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