How to notarize a document on the blockchain?

Document Notarization

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Last Update 2 years ago allows users to use blockchain as a neutral third party to prove the authenticity of your document. Now everyone can notarize documents on the blockchain with a few simple clicks.

Why notarize documents on the blockchain?

If there is ever a need to prove the authenticity of a document that you have on hand, you can match the Document Checksum that you have on hand against the checksum saved on the blockchain to prove authenticity of the document.

What is a Document Checksum?

You can save a cryptographic checksum of your document on the blockchain. A cryptographic checksum is a mathematical value (called a checksum) that is assigned to the document. The blockchain serves as a neutral third party that stores the checksum.

How to notarize documents?

2-Minute Video Guide

Step-By-Step Guide

By default, the option to notarize your document is activated by default. You can toggle this on and off under Optional Settings while setting up your document on the document dashboard.

If you would like to notarize a completed document, from the Menu, click on Document. Next, go to the Filter By drop down menu and select Completed Document. Select your document and click on the button Notarize Document.

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm the notarization. Click Confirm to notarize the document.

After the document is notarized, its Notarization Status and Document Checksum are available on Document Information. You can also view the transaction on the blockchain by clicking on Completed under Notarization Status.

Clicking on the button will bring you to the website, AlgoExplorer, where you can view details of the transaction. points

You will need to use reward points to redeem for document notarization. You can choose to save your document on the Algorand Blockchain (costs 5 Reward Points).

You can earn reward points by verifying your account, sending documents for signing, and referring new users. You will continue to earn points when your referrals send documents too.

To learn more about Reward Points, click here.

Verifying Checksum of the document

To verify the authenticity of the document you have on hand, simply perform the following steps:

1. Upload it to any third-party Checksum/Hash generator and select SHA 256. You can use this link:

2. The system will generate the checksum of the document that you have on hand.

  • If the Checksum matches, then this is the same document that was signed on

  • If the Checksum doesn't match, then there has been changes to the original document.Compare this with the checksum that has been saved on the blockchain.

Additionally, you can view the timestamps of the recipients signing the document. These timestamps are recorded in the blockchain as well. To view this information, a document must be notarized while being created. Documents notarized after being completed will not record the signing timestamps

To view the signing timestamps, access your completed documents and click on View Signing Events.

A pop-up will appear, showing you the signers and giving you the option to view their signing timestamps on the blockchain. Click Completed to view the timestamps.

Clicking on the button will bring you to the website, AlgoExplorer, where you can view the blockchain details.

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