What is a Template report?


T H Kwek

Last Update há 2 anos

Template reports help you to track the status and consolidates all the data fields of documents sent from the template. 

How to download Template Report

From the menu, select Documents. Click the Filter By drop down menu and select the option Template.

Once selected, select the template of your choosing.

Then click on the button Download Template Report. With a template report, you can:

  • Track documents that require follow-up action.

  • Consolidate inputs in data fields on the template.

  • Create reports and analyses data from documents.


Data fields on template report

The Template Report 1) gives a snapshot of information and status of documents created from the template and

2) consolidates data input into each field on the template across all documents.

Document Status includes:

  • Document ID

  • Time of document being sent

  • Time of document being completed

  • Status of document

  • Document sender and signer(s)

Data Fields include:

  • Text Fields

  • Checkbox

  • Name

  • Email

  • Date Signed

The Template Report will be available in CSV format that can be viewed with a Microsoft Excel software.

Download Sample Template Report (Will delete this line if okay with image below - 9 May 2022)

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