How do I set automation (advanced options) on a document?

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T H Kwek

Last Update 7 months ago

There are Advanced Options that you can use on your document to automate certain actions to save time and effort. These are:

• Signing Order

• Due Date

• Custom Message

• Signing Request Passcode

• Do Not Save Document 

• Notarize Document

Signing Order

You can set a order of signing for each designated signer. will trigger email notifications for signing according to the signing order; i.e. after the first designated signer has completed signing, then will trigger the notification to the second signer for signing. All recipients will receive an email notification when the document has been completed by all parties.

It is possible to set more than 1 party in each order of signing.

Document Due Date provides auto-reminders with the Due Date function on all documents.

If a Due Date is set on the document, will automatically send out an email reminder to the document owner and signers who have not signed on 1, 3 & 5 days prior to the due date. Note that document will expire and will not be accessible after due date. Document owner can extend the due date if required.

Custom Message

You can input a personalized message, like greetings, instructions, for your recipients. Your message will be displayed in the email notification to the recipient for signing.

Signing Request Passcode

You can set a Pass code with 4-8 numeric characters, as an additional verification that the intended recipient is signing the document. Recipients will need to key in this pass code in order to view the document on

You will need to send the Pass code separately to the Recipient, preferably to a different medium of communication (e.g. mobile phone or different email). will not be communicating the document pass code to the recipient.

Do Not Save Document

Activating this option will mean that the document will not be saved on the platform upon completion. The document and Certificate of Completion will be emailed to all parties of the document upon completion. 

Notarize Document

Refer to FAQ -> Document notarization -> How to Notarize a document on the blockchain?

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