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Signing document

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It takes just 3 steps to sign a document. 1) View document signing request from email 2) Click and sign document 3) Receive completed PDF document in email.

Here is an overview of the process:

1. View document signing request from email

From the email notification, click on View Document to access the document.

2. Fill in your particulars

If you have previously used, you can skip this steps i and ii, and go straight to step iii. 

i. Check your First Name and Last Name


  • Check your name as entered by the document sender. Edit if necessary.


ii. Create a Signature


  • Create a signature either by drawing or typing.

  • You can draw a signature in the white box using your mouse or track pad.

  • You can type in your name and a signature will be automatically generated for you.

  • Click Save Signature to continue.

iii. Agree to use electronic signatures

To ensure legal significance of your document, all parties of the document will be required to agree to use electronic records and signatures.

3. Review document and sign

You will then be brought to the document signing dashboard.

i. Click and acknowledge all highlighted fields

  • Fields that need to be filled will be highlighted in color. Make sure to click and acknowledge all highlighted fields.

  • A pop-up may appear if you are required to input any information on the document.


ii. When done, click Submit button on the right panel.

  • You will see a pop-up that says Signing Completed.


4. Check email

  • Upon signing the document, you will receive an email that confirms that you have Successfully Signed the document.



  • When all signers have signed on the document, you will receive a email that says Document Completed with an attachment of the completed PDF.




5. View completed document

Viewing the completed document on an Adobe Acrobat Reader will display all fields on the document. Completed documents on are sealed with a certificate to show that it has not been tampered with.

6. Access documents with a account

You may also access your documents with a free, personal account, which will allow you to: 

  • Access an ongoing audit trail of the document

  • Track the progress of signing on the document

  • Access and download all documents that you have previously signed on

  • Sign and send unlimited number of documents for free.

You can set up your free account at

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